Virginia Tech PREP First Cohort

Virginia Tech Prep Scholar Candace Best

Candace Best

2003 Research Member

Undergrad: Hampton University
Year in PREP: 2003-2004
PREP Mentor: Thomas Ollendick, Psychology
Current Status: Professor, Augusta University

Virginia Tech PREP Scholar Kibrom Gebresilassie

Kibrom Gebresilassie

2003 Research Member

Undergrad: Virginia Tech
Year in PREP: 2003–2006
PREP Mentor: Brian Love, Biomedical Engineering
Current Status: US Patent Office Employee

Virginia Tech PREP Scholar Jennifer King

Jennifer King

2003 Research Member

Undergrad: Howard University
Year in PREP: 2003–2006
PREP Mentor: Josep Bassaganya-Riera, VBI
Current Status: Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology, Ursinus College

Virginia Tech PREP Scholar Ana Y. Mercedes-Camacho

Ana Y. Mercedes-Camacho

2003 Research Member

Undergrad: San Juan, Peurto Rico
Year in PREP: 2003 
PREP Mentor: Dr. Felicia Etzkom
Current Status: Ph. D. candidate in Chemistry at Virginia Tech and now in the Virginia Tech Chemistry department working as an research specialist.

Korede Ajiboye

2004 Research Member

Undergrad: CAL State Dominguez Hill
Year in PREP: 2004-2005
Prep Mentor: Eric Wong, Animal and Poultry Sciences
Current Status: Pharmacy Student, Loma Linda University

Alexandria Coq

2004 Research Member

Undergrad: University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Year in PREP: 2004-2005
PREP Mentor: Scott Geller, Psychology
Current Status: Ph.D. Student, Temple University

Maria Diehl

2004 Research Member

Undergrad: Emory University
Year in PREP: 2004–2006
PREP Mentor: Dr. Robin Panneton, Psychology
Current Status: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Quirk Laboratory of Fear Learning and Memory

Christopher Downing

2004 Research Member

Undergrad: Delaware State University
Year in PREP: 2004–2006
PREP Mentor: Scott Geller, Psychology
Current Status: Organization Development Consultant at the University of West Florida