Virginia Tech PREP Third Cohort

Jaquelyn Doxie

2005 Research Member

Undergrad: Purdue

Year in PREP: 2005-2006

Prep Mentor: Dr. Thomas H. Ollendick, Psychology

Current Status: Behavioural Science, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology at the Meidcal College of Wisconsin


Alicia Feagins

2005 Research Member

Undergrad: Mercer University

Year in PREP: 2005-2006 PREP

Mentor: Dr. X. J. Meng, Biomedical Science

Current Status: Post Doctoral Associate at Center for Microbial Pathogene, Georgia State University


Terrence Hill

2004 Research Member

Undergrad: Virginia Tech

Year in PREP: 2005–2006

PREP Mentor: Stephen Boyle

Current Status: Post Doctoral Fellow at University of Texas Medical Branch


Sheena Horsford

2005 Research Member

Undergrad: Hampton University

Year in PREP: 2005–2006

PREP Mentor: Julie Dunsmore, Psychology

Current Status: Evaluator, Consultant, and Couple & Family Therapist


Brandy Huderson

2003 Research Member

Undergrad: New Orleans, LA

Year in PREP: 2005–2006

PREP Mentor: Dr. Mike Akers

Current Status: Assistant Professor, Biology at University of the District of Columbia


Dedra L. Wright

2003 Research Member

Undergrad: Virginia Tech

Year in PREP: 2005–2006

PREP Mentor: Reinhard Laubenbacher, Mathematics

Current Status: Ph. D. Student, Math Education, Old Dominion University