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Keynote Speakers 2018

During Fall 2018 we had the pleasure hosting the following guests: Drs. Peter Kennelly and Charlotte Amenkhienan (VT), Dr. Lorraine Niba (Ingredion), Dr. Bianca Baker (Johnson & Johnson) and our PREP Alum, Ms. Brittany RiceWe also had 2 IMSD seniors, Kisha and Ben, and 3 Carver students: Courtney, Rachel and Kayla present at our bi - weekly fourm.

Ms. Brittany Rice (PREP Alum), was here to speak to our trainees about dealing with challenges
spoke to our PREP and IMSD students about her experience as a graduate student at University of Kentucky School of Medicine; the challenges she has faced so fare and the strategies she followed to overcome them

Dr. Lorraine Niba, PhD, MBA, Director, Sales Development Team @ Ingredion was the guest speaker for one of our Forums for Fall 2018. She spke to our students about PhDs and what can you do with it. One of the advices that Dr. Niba offered to our students was: "A PhD makes you more competitive, but if you want to move to management, then taking a couple of business courses or pursuing an MBA is recommended."