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Message from the directors


Fall/Winter edition of VT-PRIME:
Happy new year and best wishes for 2019.
The VT PREP/IMSD and Carver family at VT had a busy Fall and Winter is already shaping up to be busy too. We continue to be very thankful  for all the support that has enabled us to now have 64 PhD completions by IMSD and PREP trainees and alumni. After lab rotations,  the 8 scholars in the PREP 16 cohort selected research mentors, we attended ABRCMS (see photo above) and SACNAS and  again had a lot of fun interacting with our alumni, we partnered with faculty and chairs of two departments to successfully nominate two trainees to participate in the Future Faculty Program; we heard from alumni and we heard from alumni and we continue to proudly follow their amazing progresses,Current scholars attended conferences and published papers.  Ms Eni Ramaj joined us in November as our program Coordinator, with the awesome task of helping us continue to add to the scientific jury pool. We hope you'll find our newsletter informative and useful.