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Dr. Marietou Paye

dr paye
Dr. Paye is currently a Field Employee at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Dr. Marietou Paye
Dr. Paye was our guest speaker for End of Year Celebration. She was part of VT - PREP 8th Cohort. Dr. Paye gave an inspirational speech about her journey from VT - PREP to her PhD at Georgia Institute of Technology and her career as Medical Field Scientist at CDC Foundation. 
Some of the tips she shared with our students were:

1. Find a support system (either friends, family, people you work with); it is necessary to have people that support you when you are feeling low.

2. Take classes outside of your main focus area; it is important to have a different prospective.

3.If you have the opportunity to teach, take it, even if you feel uncomfortable because it will help you in the future

4. Attend different conferences, workshops and network; sometimes the person you might meet next is the one that can help you get to were you want to go.