dr jody

Dr. Jody Thompson Marshall Recently accepted a new position at UNC as Director of Graduate studies in the College of Computing Informatics.While at Virginia Tech, Dr. Marshall was the Director of the Multicultural Academic Opportunities Program (MAOP). We asked Dr. Marshall about her experiences and words of wisdom and here are her responses:

1.What will your new position at UNCC be?

I will be the Director of Graduate Studies in the College of Computing and Informatics. I will work with Ph.D. students in the college to ensure they are completing milestones for their degrees. I will also  indirectly supervise the graduate coordinators for each of the departments. I will also be tasked with leading recruitment efforts for the graduate programs.

2.What will you miss about VT/Blacksburg/NRV?

I will definitely miss my colleagues and friends. There are some great individuals at Tech/Blacksburg/NRV, especially those in my sorority. They have assisted me tremendously. I will also miss the students. I am in awe of the things they are doing here on campus and the research in which are engaged.I will also miss the serenity of the NRV. There are beautiful areas here. For the most part, it’s pretty quiet. 

3. Please share with our community any wisdom you see fit especially the ones that made you such a success here at VT:

  1. Visibility is important…not just in your office or laboratories, but at campus events. This is where you will meet others and it provides opportunities to learn outside of your studies.
  2. Don’t assume everyone is your friend or they are wanting you to succeed. Be cognizant of who is truly in your corner.
  3. I had to learn that you need to build a network in order to be successful. I have encountered many individuals here at Virginia Tech and at other institutions. They have opened doors for me and the students I work with in MAOP.
  4. If you have obstacles and you are not successful, brush yourself off and get back up. I have found there are more many ways that one can achieve his/her goals.
  5. Don’t burn your bridges while at Virginia Tech. You never know when you will need those individuals again.
  6. Find mentors and sponsors. Your mentors will provide you guidance and your sponsors will provide you name for professional development or career opportunities.
  7. Let people know what your interests are. I have learned of opportunities and sent it to select students or friends.
  8. Learn to listen (i.e. shut up). There are times that people assume they know everything. There are times you will not be the expert and you receive feedback from others. It’s your choice whether your accept the feedback or not.