Dr. Snider Desir

Congratulations to the latest Doctor in townDr. Snider Desir! ( PREP alum) He defended his thesis on “The Role of Tunneling Nanotubes in Mediating Intercelluar Communication in Cancer” ( Dec 19, 2017) at the University of Mennesota. He plans on working  in his lab as a post-doc to publish two more chapters of his thesis. He was honored with the 2017 award of Scholarly Excellence in Equity and Diversity (SEED) and the " People's Choice" award in the 2014 "3 Minute Thesis Competition."  Dr. Desir is continuing as a Post Doc in Dr. Emil Lou's Lab while awaiting the completion of his spouse's PhD in Clinical Psychology. He provides the following advice to current scholars: 
 "Maintain your fascination. When faced with the academic challenges of graduate school, it is very important to remember your interest and passion in your field. Like most things you have experienced, graduate school has its ups and downs. But overall, being a graduate student can be amazing if you can approach each day with a reminder of why you decided to become a researcher. Your fascination with the science will help drive you through to the finish line."