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Updates on Current scholars: Conferences attended

Faith Carter ( PREP 16)

Faith Carter attended the ASCB|EMBO 2018 Meeting in San Diego, CA. Faith used this opportunity to network with other students in her field and attend workshops such as: choosing a thesis committee, tips for early success in graduate school and tips on visual science communication etc.





emma and florez
Silvia Florez ( left ) and Emmanuel Thomas ( right) ( PREP 16)

Silvia Flores and Emmanuel Thomas (PREP 16), attended the ABCT Convention in D.C. ABCT is the biggest convention of cognitive - behavioral scientist who come together to explore current developments in research. According to Emmanuel “this was a great opportunity to network with professionals in the field of clinical psychology. One large takeaway from the workshops was the fact that there is a need for more programs, outside of the brief interventions that prove to be effective short-term, that will sustain the positive results of said interventions in the long run.”




Chastyn Smith ( PREP 16)

Chastyn Smith attended the Virginia Academy of Sciences Meeting and she also attended the Virginia Branch for Microbiology Virginia 2018 Annual Meeting 







Ariel Lean ( IMSD 8)

Ariel Leon just attended the SREB Institute for teaching and mentoring in Arlington, VA. The Institute is one of the largest gatherings for underrepresented PhDs in the country. Their main goal is to promote underrepresented PhDs by providing networking opportunities, workshops and enhancing professional development.

Additional Conferences: 2018 Joint Meeting of Society for Leukocyte Biology and International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society: Brittany Boribong;

Society for industrial/Organizational Psychology 33rd Annual Conference: Derek Burns; 

Skeletal Muscle Meeting – 2018: Jamea Kidrick; 

World Congress of Biomechanics 2018: Kandace Donaldson; 

AES annual meeting at SciX conference; North Coast Conference on Precision Medicine, CWRU Institute for Computational Biology: Maryam Moarefian; 

ASM Virginia Branch Meeting : Matthew Flores; 

American Psychological Association Annual Convention 2018; Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Conference 2018; Virginia Association of Behavior Analysis Conference 2018: Trevin Glasgow; 

The National GEM Conference; BMES conference; 

DMVcAPS conference (District, Maryland, Virginia) chapter of the American Physiological Society: Katrina Colucci - Chang; Sacnas 2018: Ashley Peralta & Diana Novo