Shuristeen Joubert: BS, Biology, University of New Mexico       

Lab RotationsDrs. Rafael DavalosDavid Popham, and Daniela Cimini                                                                             

Research MentorDr. Daniela Cimini                                               

Aspirations in pursuing a PhD: I would like to pursue a PhD to be in an environment full of people with different backgrounds and experiences who can come together over a shared passion. After my PhD I wish to use my platform to help bridge the gab of understanding science as a subject vs. a career field for young underprivileged children. 

Fun Fact: I had to listen to Queen's "Don't stop me now" to give me the courage to jump out of a plane.

Hobbies/ activities beyond research in Blacksburg: In my spare time I like to hike around Blacksburg, roller skate, and snowboard when the weather is right.