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VT-PREP Alumnus Snider Desir, PhD

Dr. Desir was a member of the 9th PREP Cohort, from 2011-2012. His research training was in the laboratory of Dr. Daniela Cimini. He came to VT PREP from Kutztown University, where he obtained his BS degree. Snider obtained his PhD at the University of Minnesota. 

Dr. Snider is currently a Scientific Investigator, Innate Immunity Research Unit at GlaxoSmithKline.  

VT-PREP Alumnus Brittany Taylor, PhD

Brittany Taylor was a member of the 8th PREP Cohort from 2010-2011 as a post-bac student. She is currently a PhD vice Provost Postdoctoral Research Fellow at The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Her 10-year goal is to become a full professor at an R1 institution. To new undergrads interested in graduate school, she suggests that they get involved in research early whether that is through programs at their schools or through NIH REU experiences.

Her advice to PREP/IMSD leadership is to continue to listen to the needs of the PREP/ IMSD students and create a liaison between the scholars and the coordinators.

Dr.Brittany Taylor was invited to BEAM Seminar Serier at VT. She presented her research "Cell Free Approaches for Muscoskeletal Tissue Regeneration" to faculty and students. 
During her visit to Virginia Tech, Brittany was enthused by the number of new buildings on campus. She thought it was great to see the growth of the campus and all the renovations. She stated, “It is still a beautiful campus, and the food is still delicious! As always, I am impressed with the IMSD/PREP program and the caliber of training and students.”


VT-IMSD Alumnus Jamelle Simmons, PhD

Dr. Jamelle Simmons was a member of the (IMSD, 6 Scholar)  (IMSD Scholar) who recently defended his thesis: "Effects of Febuxostat on Autistic Behaviors and Computational Investigations of Diffusion and Pharmacokinetics."

Dr.Simmons is part of SBES (School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences), and he conducted his research training in Drs. Yong Woo Lee and Achenie labs

Dissertation Co - Advisors: Drs. Yong Woo Lee & Luke Achenie.

Kevin Hughes was part of the 11th PREP cohort


VT- PREP Alumnus Kevin Hughes, PhD

Dr. Hughes was a member of the 11th PREP cohort, from 2013 to 2014. He came to VT PREP from Simpson College where he was a coach of the football team. Hughes obtained his PhD at the Yale Univiersity. 

Dr. Hughes is a Drug Development Training Fellow at Clinical Pharmacology

VT-PREP alumnus Dr. Shavonn White, PhD

Dr. Shavonn Whiten came to VT-PREP from Montana State University-Bozeman, where she otained her MS degree. She otained her PhD at the Texas A&M University. 

Dr. Shavon Whiten recently started a position as a Lead Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton. Whiten participated in the 2018 Virgnia Tech Future Faculty Development Program in partnership with the departments of BEAM and Entomology, respectively. She presented her research: "From the bench to the broader public: Identification and characterization of novel targets for mosquito and mosquito - borne disease control." 

Byron Hayes, PhD VT-PREP/IMSD Alumni

VT-PREP/IMSD Scholar Alumnus Byron Desir, PhD

Dr. Byron Hayes a recent graduate of the Pathology Graduate PhD program, has been awarded a position as a scholar within the Duke Multidisciplinary K12 Urologic Research Career Development Program (Duke KURe Program). 

Hayes joined Dr. Soman Abraham’s lab to develop his dissertation project when he arrived at Duke after his undergraduate studies at Virginia Tech.   

VT-PREP Alumnus Karey Sutton, PhD

Dr. Karey Sutton participated  in a Washington Post organized and hosted panel discussion in November on "Health Equity: Maternal & Infant Health"  with Christy Turlington Burns and Chanel L. Porchia-Albert. You can access the taped panel discussion here.

Dr. Sutton is currenlty a new Scientific Director of Health Equity Research for the MedStar Health Research InstituteRead More

VT-PREP Alumnus Emmanuel Ekwueme, PhD

Dr. Emmanuel Ekwueme was a member of 6th PREP Cohort, from 2009-2010. He obtained his BS degree at Virginia Tech and his PhD at the Rutgers University.   

Dr. Ekwueme is currently a Co-Founder and CEO at ICE Comerrical Power

VT-IMSD Alumnus Chris Garcia, VT PhD Chemistry

Dr. Garcia was a member of the IMSD scholars, from 2017 - 2021. He came to VT IMSD from California State Univeristy where he obtained his BS degree.

Dr. Garcia iscurrently a JD Candidate at the University of Colorado Law School.

VT-PREP Alumnus Guillermo Raimundi-Rodriguez,

Guillermo Raimundi-Rodriguez was a member of the 18th PREP Cohort, 2020 - 2021. He came to VT PREP from University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez where he obtained his BS degree.

He is currenlty a POstbaccalaureate Scientific Researcher at National Institutes of Health: Intramural Research Program

VT-PREP Alumnus Dominique N. Munson, PhD Candidate

Dominique N. Munson was a member of the 15th VT PREP Cohort, from 2017 - 2018.  She came to VT PREP from Morgan State University, where she obtained her BS degree.  Musnon is a PhD candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

She generously served on our 2021 PREP/IMSD Selection Committee, successfully competed for support to pursue industry experiences as she continues to work on her dissertation. 

VT-IMSD Alumnus Brittany Boribong, PhD

Dr. Brittany Boribong came to VT from University of Scranton, where she otained her BS degree in 2015. Boribong earned a Ph.D. in the Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology (GBCB) Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program at Virginia Tech in May 2020.

She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital. Her current research focuses on studying the immune response and pathophysiology of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children.

VT-PREP Alumnus Cassie Eng

Cassie Eng a PhD candidate at Carnegie Mellon University. Her prior research training at Virginia Tech was in the laboratory of Dr. Martha Ann Bell

Her research focuses on developing tools that are especially useful for children with less developed attention regulation and for low-income youth.

VT-PREP Alumnus Chastyn Smith

Chastyn Smith a PhD candidate at Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy. Her prior research training at Virginia Tech was in the laboratory of Dr. Ann Stevens

She received the 2022 prestigious Defense Department SMART Fellowship (it has a 18% success rate). Chastyn will be funded through the end of her PhD and then will join the Defense Intelligence Agency to pursue her career. Recently, Chastyn also "placed" in the 2021 Three Minute Thesis Competition.

VT-IMSD Alumnus Alexis White, PhD

Dr. Alexis White came to VT-IMSD from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, where she obtained her BS degree. She obtained her PhD at Virginia Tech. 

Dr. White is currently a Product Manager, Emerging Products, at Verizon.

VT-IMSD Alumnus Jordan Booker, PhD

Dr. Jordan Booker is currently an assistant professor at University of Missouri, was named by the American Psychological Science along with Dr. Roseanne Breaux, a Rising Star.

VT-PREP Alumnus Sheldon Lawrence, PhD

Sheldon Lawrence started a new position as Visiting Lecturer, Oxford College-Emory University. Dr. Lawrence more recently was a SPIRE Fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He was also named, along with several other PREP/IMSD alumni as one of "1000 Inspiring Black Scientists in America." 

VT-PREP Alumnu Leah Banks, PhD

Dr. Leah Banks came to VT-PREP from Dillard University, where she obtained her BS Degree. She obtained her PhD at Meharry Medical College. 

Dr. Banks is currently Associate Director of Life Design at The Johns Hopkins University.