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Fall 2022 Schedule 

Hybrid: Room 1810 Litton Reaves Room 1810                                Zoom linkhttps://virginiatech.zoom.us/j/5402316797

Sept. 8 | Dr. Charlotte Amenkhienan, VT Cook Counseling Center: 

Resources at Vt to Maximize Trainee/Student performance

Dr. Peter Kenelly, Professor Biochemistry:

Succeeding in Grad school & Careers in Biomed Sciences after Grad School 

Sept. 22 | Matthew FloresDemisha Porter VT-IMSD Scholars: 

 Research Progress Update 

Oct. 6 | Manette Tanelus ( Carver Scholar):

Research Progress Update

Brittany Boribong (PhD, GBCB, Virginia Tech, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard's Massachusetts General Hospital, VT-IMSD Scholar)

Research Progress Update 

Oct. 20 | Krisangel Lopez (PhD Candidate, ENTO, HHMI, Gilliam Fellow):

Research Progress Update

Rebecca Ortiz Marty (IMSD Alum):

-What you can do with your PhD at Lovance Biotherapeutic Inc. 

Oct. 26 - Oct. 30 | SACNAS  in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Nov. 3 | Diana Novo (Phd Candiddate, VT-IMSD Scholar): 

Dissertation Research Progress Update 

Jamelle Simmons (IRACIDA fellow, PhD. VCU, VT-IMSD Alum):

POostdoctoral Research Progress Update 

Nov. 9 -  Nov. 13 ABRCMS  in Anehim, CA
Nov. 17 | Mariah Rojas (VT-IMSD Scholar):

Research Progress Updates

Lara Dahora (VT-IMSD Scholar):

Research Progress Update 

Nov. 21 - Nov. 26 | Thanksgiving Week
Dec. 7 | End of the Year Celebration (PREP/IMSD/Carver) Keynote Speaker: Dr. Natalia Gonzales (VT-PREP Alum)