Recent Awards and Accomplishments

Van Troung, PREP alum (15th Cohort, research mentor: Dr. Bryan Lewis), and currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, was one of 35 other fellows from around the world awarded the 2022 Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship.

lbert Hinman, IMSD prebac alum, (research mentor: Dr. Daniela Cimini), Stanford PhD, started a new fellowship as a Genetics and Public Policy Fellow cosponsored by the The American Society of Human Genetics and the National Human Genome Resource Institute.

Tristan Hayes, IMSD alum (4th cohort, research mentor: Dr. Chris Lawrence), VT PhD, Computational Immunology, started as a Research Scientist at Charles River Laboratories.

Dr. Trevin Glasgow, IMSD alum (8th cohort, research mentor: Dr. E. Scott Geller), VT PhD, currently an HIH Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA), currently postdoc at VCU and will be heading to UVA as assistant professor. 

Timothy Lipuma, PREP alum (18th cohort, research mentor: Dr. Georgia Hodes), started his Ph.D. at IUPUI after a transition stop in Ireland at the University of Cork for the MS.

Jason Putnam, PREP alum (18th cohort, research mentor: Dr. Matt Buczynski), previously at Vanderbilt University as a Research Assistant, started his PhD at the University of Maryland in Neuroscience.