PREP/IMSD first in-person "End of The Academic Year" celebration since 2019 was on May 3rd. Two distinguished alumni, Dr. Leah Guthrie, VT PREP, and Dr. Trevin Glasgow, VT IMSD, joined us in Blacksburg to celebrate “our year” that included PhD and other graduate degree completions, 12 new trainees including 7 PREP, and 5 IMSD, and awards and life changes. Trevin and Leah both discussed their innovative ongoing postdoc research projects that includes, for Dr. Guthrie, “using a structure guided approach through GPCR activation as a lens to identify candidate MDMs associated with antibiotic signaling, and for Dr. Glasgow, “the mental health benefits to graduate students and others of health behaviors, work stress, and the association between occupational health and cancer.”

Trevin’s advice to PREP/IMSD: “Take advantage of your unique opportunity being in PREP or IMSD because it opens up additional doors for networking. The journey is not a sprint but a marathon so there is no need to rush but do finish eventually. Be resilient and keep pushing along with papers, grants, etc. Also, to always balance life with work.” 

Pictures from their visits as well as at the “Celebration at Bull and Bones” are shown above.