This was Virginia Tech's 18th and best year at ABRCMS (thanks to Eni for coordinating this trip!). We had a great time! Our PREP 17 students had the opportunity to network with other students and the schools that they are interested in. The highlight of our ABRCMS was also the reunion with our alumni, who first attended ABRCMS during their tenure with us. In Anaheim we met PREP and IMSD alums: Brittany Rice (Kentucky, IMSD), and Dr. Anjolii Diaz (Ball State, IMSD), Jordan Booker (Asst professor, Missouri, IMSD), Faith Carter (Cornell, PREP), Steven Cerna (PREP), Kacie Blackman (IMSD predoc Alum, Assistant professor, Cal State University Northridge), Sarah Sam (Cal Tech, PhD candidate, IMSD undergrad alum)