At the 2019 PREP/IMSD Boot Camp, PREP 17 and IMSD 12  scholars introduced themselves, discussed thier first lab rotations and learned about the resources available at VT.  Guest speakers included: Dr. Ben Okyere (IMSD 7), Demisha Porter (IMSD 11), Kiri Goldbeck DeBose (head, Vet Med Library  Liaison to Animal Sciences), Ms Jennifer Lawrence (Director, Virginia Tech Writing Center),  Mr. Mark Sumner (IT Coordinator, CALS) and Isaac Magana ( IT User Services Manager in CALS).

Both Dr. Okyere and Demisha provided advice for the new cohort. Dr. Okyere advised the students to "look at the graduate school as a lifestyle and build your plans around it. Most importantly, make sure you always enjoy what you are doing". Demisha advised the students to "... get to know each other, these are relationships that matter!" Also to the PREP student she stated to "... take ABRCMS seriously" bacause that is a chance for them to meet with their schools of interest.