PREP Palooza 2020 # 1

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, PREP Palooza 2020 had to be held virtually via Zoom. Pictured above is Kerani Davidson, mentor Dr. Kevin Edgar, sharing her research findings on "Direct Esterification of Cellulose Derivatives of Glutaric Anhydride." Next to her is Jose Monclova, who shared about his research experiences in Dr. De Vita's STRETCH Lab - Soft Tissue Research: Experiments, Theory, and Computations by Hokies. The bottom left is Guadalupe Ceja, who completed her research in Dr. Dana Hawley's lab and shared about pathogen virulence in house finches. The bottom right is Claudia Perez and she gave a presentation on her time in PREP, including her research with Dr. Nisha Duggal on the Zika virus and how it differs from COVID-19.

More PREP Palooza 2020

The presentation in the top left of this collage is from Marcos Cervantes, who presented his research on "Developing Instrumentation and Post-Processing Techniques for High Resolution Vascular Imaging" that he completed with Dr. John Chappell. On the top right is Stefany Nunez-Zavala and her mentor, Dr. Liqing Zhang going over her research on "Uncovering Novel Viral Particles From Human Gut Metagenomic Samples". The bottom left is Raven Ross presenting her research on "Emotion Coaching Among Parents and Their Nine-Year Old Children" from Dr. Julie Dunsmore's lab. Lastly, the bottom right is Kevin Santiago-Morales's presentation on his research with Dr. Ann Stevens on the steelhead trout.