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Eighth Cohort 2010

Hariyat Andargachew

Undergrad: The University of Virginia, Biochemistry

Prep Mentor: William Huckle, Cancer Biology

Current Status: Account Director at FCB Health

Virginia Tech PREP Scholar Erica Arroyo

Erica Arroyo

Undergrad: University of Arizona

PREP Mentor: Daniela Cimini, Cancer Biology

Current Status: Ph.D. Candidate, Carlos Portera-Cailliau Lab

Kevin Muite

Undergrad: Oakwood University, Biology

PREP Mentor: Josep Bassaganya-Riera, Molecular Nutrition and Immunology

Current Status: Business Development and Licensing Manager at Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Marietou Paye

Undergrad: Middlebury College

PREP Mentor: Webster Santos, Bioorganic Chemistry

Current Status: Project Manager II at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Brittany Taylor

Undergrad: The University of Virginia

PREP Mentor: Joseph Freeman, Biomedical Engineering

Current Status: Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Florida

Jose Umanzor-Alvarez

Undergrad: Virginia Tech

PREP Mentor: Rafael Davalos, Biomedical Engineering

Current Status: Project Manager at Clune Construction Company, L.P.

Virginia Tech PREP Scholar Michelle Walker

Michelle Walker

Undergrad: Virginia Tech

PREP Mentor: Dr. Meng, Molecular Virology

Current Status: Biomedical and Veterinary Science, Virginia Tech 

Virginia Tech PREP Scholar Regina Wallace

Regina Wallace

Undergrad: Virginia Tech

PREP Mentor: Dr. Zhaomin Yan, Microbiology

Current Status: Ph.D. Student, Biological Science, Virginia Tech


Virginia Tech PREP Scholar Hiwot Woldesemayat

Hiwot Woldesemayat

Undergrad: The University of Virginia

PREP Mentor: Liwu Li, Microbiology

Current Status: PharmaD Student, Touro University California