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Tenth Cohort 2012

Virginia Tech PREP Scholar Leah Guthrie

Leah Guthrie

Undergrad: Swarthmore College

Prep Mentor: Dr. Ann M. Stevens, Virology

Current Status: Hanna H Gray Fellow in Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford University

Virginia Tech PREP Scholar Sheldon R. Lawrence II

Sheldon R. Lawrence II

Undergrad: Hampton University

PREP Mentor: Dr. John McDowell, Plant Genetics

Current Status: Visiting Assistant Professor at Oxford College, Emory University

Virginia Tech PREP Scholar Karla Rubi Sanchez

Karla Rubi Sanchez

Undergrad: University of Maryland Eastern Shore

PREP Mentor: Daniel Capelluto,  Biochemstry & Structural Biology

Current Status: Postdoc at Johns Hopkins University

Virginia Tech PREP Scholar Cynthia Alicia Traughber

Cynthia Alicia Traughber

Undergrad: Oakwood University, Biology

PREP Mentor: Dr. Isis K. Mullarky, Molecular physiology

Current Status: Postdoc at Cleveland Clinic

Virignia Tech PREP Scholar Tere M. Williams

Tere M. Williams

Undergrad: Delaware State University

PREP Mentor: Irving “Coy” Allen, Immunology

Current Status: Albert Einstein University