Christopher Garcia ( IMSD 10) is a graduate student in Chemistry.

Our very own IMSD Scholars ( pictured above), Chrisopher Garcia and Katrina Colucci-Chang featured in the VT News under "$2.3 million NIH grant helps Virginia Tech students achieve dreams in biomedical research." Read more

Dr. Leah Banks, PREP alum, Currently PostDoc at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, spoke to our students about her scientific journey, and when asked to reflect on her talk, she shared the following:

"The take home message of my talk was that in order to be successful on this journey, one must be passionate about what they want to do and to do what makes them happy. Being open minded about the array of research projects/programs and institutions is pivotal. I also stressed the importance of having a healthy mentor-mentee relationship. Joining a lab where one feels accepted and respected and their research ideas are appreciated is important. In addition to having a supportive mentor, it's also imperative to have strong support groups (friends/colleagues/family members) that will hold you accountable and encourage you in those challenging moments. I shared the importance of networking and collaborating with others at your institution as well as people that you meet at scientific conferences and courses. Speaking with the right person can open many doors later down the road. Lastly, establishing a healthy work-life balance. Studying and working hard in lab, but also making time for yourself to do things that you enjoy."